moderni-firmaPrototype processing

We offer three ways of processing of your desired part. If you want to make a polyurethane, wax or silicone prototype, click the button below.

Solid polyurethane parts

serves in prototype production as a substitute for plastic parts made eg in injection molding machines.

softwareChemical resistance

softwareUV stable + coloring to the desired shade

softwareThermal resistance


softwareSolvent resistant

softwareDimensional stability


Flexible polyurethane

Serves as a substitute for flexible materials as rubber

softwaremade in different scales of hardness on the Shore D scale


serves for production of flexible molds suitable for production of jigs and special seals. These materials have a wide scale of application in all fields of industry for example in food industry.

softwareHigh thermal resistance

softwareShape stability

softwareAbrasion resistance

softwareColoring to the desired shade


Wax models

for the foundry method of precision casting into shell molds. With our own molds we produce parts according to the customer's model, 3D data or physical model. This method can also be used for repair of damaged parts or reverse engineering. It is necessary to take into account the shrinkage during casting of wax and subsequent shrinkage due to casting of metal.

softwareThere is no high cost for production of first pieces

softwareSilicone mold can be used (low cost)

softwareWe produce models of all sizes

softwareGearboxes, differentials, engine components


Prototype inquiry

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