moderni-firmaMetallizing, plating and sputtering jigs

Our company designs and manufactures jigs for fully metallized and partially metallized parts made by vacuum deposition technology, which is used mainly in car lighting industry. We use modern technologies such as 3D printing which we use for preparation of car lighting parts and optical digitalisation. For production of mold for carbon fiber masks we use several CNC milling machines. Compared to masks made by injection molding the flexibility of carbon fiber masks prevents internal stress and occurrence of deformations which would lead into a not acceptable quality of metallized surfaces.

Digitalisation technology

We use optical digitization for the transfer of physical part into the polygon model, which gives us exact copy of the part, which can be further worked with in CAD systems.

Maintenance and repair

Our specialists also work on repairing, maintenance and modifications of metallization jigs to achieve perfect results on metallized parts.



Our products are up-to-date and made with modern manufacturing processes to meet the extreme quality demands of this production technology.


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